That moment when you try to make your weapon +9😂

30% Donation Bonus Event!

:hoteagle: 30% donation bonus event is up again! Enjoy it! :hoteagle:

Eagle Stream

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That moment when your friend motivates you to steal goods in Eagle!😂

Crew Event

🏆Crew Event🏆
One of Eagle's exclusive events, you gonna fall in love with it.
you can try it every day with your friends and having fun together!

Server Stats
  • Players Online: 535 / 4000
    Support Online: 0 / 0
Server timer
  • Servertime: 08:58:37
  • CTF:
  • Survivial Arena:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: 24/7 Except during Fortresswar
Fortress War
  • JG Fortress: Not occupied
  • HT Fortress: ReaLBrotherS
  • CT Fortress: Not occupied
  • BT Fortress: Not occupied
Lastest 10 Unique Kills
  • moaa20 has killed White Knight 1 day 08h 49m 44s ago

  • Zoma2020 has killed Captin Ivy (Str) 1 day 09h 08m 36s ago

  • moaa20 has killed Uruchi (Str) 1 day 09h 28m 11s ago

  • zomaboss has killed Cerberus 1 day 09h 29m 47s ago

  • Zoma2020 has killed Cerberus (Str) 1 day 09h 33m 37s ago

  • _moaa_ has killed Captin Ivy 1 day 09h 36m 51s ago

  • moaa20 has killed Isyutaru (Str) 1 day 09h 41m 01s ago

  • TurKAiRForce has killed Uruchi 1 day 10h 44m 00s ago

  • Zoma2020 has killed Tiger Girl (Str) 1 day 10h 46m 53s ago

  • TurKAiRForce has killed Lord Yarkan (Str) 1 day 10h 53m 58s ago