1-SRO_Client or Launcher Has Stopped Working.
Open My Computer -> Right Click on it -> Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Click Settings on Peformance -> Data Execution Prevention tab -> select "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only" Try to run the Silkroad.exe & SRO_Client.exe as administrator

2-Grab PET has only 1 page.
Please teleport then it should have pages.

3-C8 Issue.
Open the game from Eagle_old.exe.

4-SRO_Client has stopped working while teleporting.
Open run silkroad.exe / sro_client.exe as administrator If you are using mBot, run mBot_Loader as administrator.

Regular Uniques: There will be 2 versions of the normal uniques, An Str, and An Int version and they'll appear every 1 hour.
Arabian Uniques: According to the Arabian Uniques, Harrison and Kidemonas will be sorted as INT uniques and they'll appear every 4 hours. Khulood is going to be an STR only unique and It'll appear every 4 hours too.
Job Uniques: Regarding the job uniques, Isis and Selket will be sorted as an INT uniques only and they'll appear every 4 hours inside of the Job Cave. Anubis is going to be an STR only unique and It'll appear every 4 hours as well.
BeakYung The White Viper: There will be either version of the Medusa too, INT and STR and It will appear once a day at 10:00 pm Server Time.
Eagle Barbarian: There will only be 1 version of the Eagle Barbarian which is INT and It will appear every 8 hours. Holup, Don't Rage! Str characters will be needed indeed due to the tremendous damage that the unique deals and the INT characters won't be able to tank it under any circumstances.

6- How to get Sox Items;
Seal of Star: There are actually several ways to obtain the Seal of Star pieces of equipment and It equals the +1 last tier item. Seal of Star Equipments is droppable from the 71~80 mobs with kind of a low rate just to maintain the server economy and to avoid having a server full of gbots. meanwhile; It's droppable from the job temple with a fair enough rate but, you got to be careful from the Thieves! you can also obtain Seal of Star Equipments by opening the SoS crate, nevertheless; the chance to get SoS items from the crate is 20%.

Seal of Moon: There will only be 1 way to obtain Seal of Moon gears as we just wanted to keep it old-school and classic, Seal of Moon equals a +3 last tier item. How to obtain it? It will only be obtainable and available from the Forgotten World Collection but It won't be available until the first fortress war is done already.

Seal of Eagle: The Seal of Eagle is the most powerful Sox type is Eagle since it is the end-game equipment and It equals a +5 last tier item, you can obtain the Seal of Eagle by fulfilling the required amount of currencies which is Arena Coins, Job Points, and Gold Coins. Kindly read the currencies section in order to know how to fulfill the requirements.

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